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The VA’s Brain Trust: Pathways to InnoVAtion

National Press Club, Washington, DC

The Warrior Stories Platform was selected as an innovation to be showcased at this first annual gathering to address TBI, PTSD, and veteran mental health.

During the Implement-a-thon workshop, Creative Director Heather Weyers and GWU Art Therapy Clinic partner Dr. Donna Betts spoke with leaders in the field (such as Cognitive Processing Therapy expert Dr. Tara Galovski) to generate solutions for putting the software into practice within the VA facilities.

It was a high-energy, fast-paced event, culminating in a 3-minute presentation to the leadership of the Department of Veterans Affairs — including Secretary Robert A. McDonald, who called Warrior Stories “a great idea.” We aim to act on the recommendations made that day, and are excited to expand our growing relationships with VA sites around the country.

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